Assessment lies at the heart of promoting children's learning. As a school, we follow an 'assessment cycle' that enables every child, regardless of gender, class, race or ability, to maximise their potential. Our assessments are also used to inform next steps for pupils, classes and whole school priorities.


How do we report to parents?


All parents are invited to make an appointment to meet their child's class teacher in the Autumn and Summer term. During these meetings, the class teacher will indicate the progress your child is making towards meeting Age Related Expectations and provide guidance of targets and how best to support at home. 



Annual School Reports


Annual school reports are sent home at the end of the Spring term. To celebrate the learning that has been detailed in your child's report we will be holding three 'Book Look' sessions on Monday 8th May, Tuesday 9th May and Wednesday 10th May from 3:15pm to 3:45pm. This not a parent consultation, but is an opportunity for you to look at your child's amazing learning journey!



Please see the links below outlining reporting arrangements and examples of reports. 


Annual Report to Parents - Information Letter


Year 2 Report Example


Year 4 Report Example