Miss Rebecca Drake





Rebecca Drake



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Professional Background







From 2010-2013 I studied Biological Sciences at Bournemouth University, where I received a First Class Honours. Following my graduation; I enrolled on the Poole SCITT course to follow my dreams of becoming a teacher. In 2014 I got my first teaching post at Wimborne First School; as a Year 1 teacher. In 2015 I became Jigsaw, SRE and RE leader within the school. In 2016 I was offered the position as Year 1 Leader.





Motivation for Becoming a Governor







I thoroughly enjoy my teaching post at Wimborne First School and I feel passionate about understanding the ‘bigger picture’. I would like the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and play a positive role in the community. As a member of staff at Wimborne First School, I feel that I can offer an employer’s perspective in the decisions made within the children’s education. I believe that being a governor will: increase levels of motivation; job satisfaction and commitment.




Describe Wimborne First School in 5 Words



Creative, Friendly, Caring, Safe and ‘a Love for Learning’.