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Zoe Thomas



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Having worked in the educational field for over 20 years, I have progressed from voluntary work helping as a school parent to achieving my HLTA status in 2012.  I have worked as a teaching assistant in both primary and secondary schools as well as a specialist school for pupils of autism.  In recent years I have led nurture groups in which I then attended the Nurture Network Training developing a passion for pupils and family well-being, particularly with the struggles they have that may affect the individual's’ learning.  My specialism in nurturing has given me the passion to offer support to ensure pupils achieve well in school.   Since gaining my HLTA I work closely with all teachers to ensure I deliver high standards of teaching across both KS1 and KS2 when covering.


Motivation for Becoming a Governor






Since working at Wimborne First School I have become very proud to be part of the dedicated, passionate and hard-working team.  I would like to offer back my support and suggestions to ensure the future of the school continues to succeed and beyond.  I wish to also represent the support staff and share what works well within the school and how we can progress even further both for the staff and pupils.  Wimborne First has a very committed team of non - teaching support staff and as a HLTA I wish to support them by becoming a governor.  I have a keen interest in sharing such projects and interventions that are successful and achieving with offering ideas too.





Describe Wimborne First School in 5 Words



Happy, Safe, Committed, Passionate, Resilient.