Wimborne First School Staff


Welcome to Wimborne First School, we have an amazing team of staff with many skills and attributes that will give your child the best start to their education.


If you have any questions or queries please contact the following people......


In the first instance please talk to your child's class teacher if there is anything you are worried about.


Your next step is your child's key stage leader:


These are.......


Reception (Moles and Hedgehogs): Mrs Pritchard


Year 1 & 2 (Ducks, Mice, Owls and Rabbits): Mrs Britt


Year 3 & 4 (Squirrels, Otters, Badgers and Foxes): Mrs Fletcher/Mrs Edwards


Wimborne First School Staff:


Reception Staff     

Miss Hardman            Mrs Burton                     Mrs Pritchard                    Mrs Whetlor                Mrs James                 

Class Teacher            Teaching Assistant        Class Teacher             Teaching Assistant     Teaching Assistant        


Year 1 Staff         

Miss Bennett             Mrs Thomas                     Miss Drake               Mrs Berry                       Mrs Land

Class Teacher               HLTA                         Class Teacher        Teaching Assistant      Teaching Assistant          


Year 2 Staff   

Mrs Britt                     Mrs Rogers         Mrs Somerville                        

Class Teacher          Class Teacher     Teaching Assistant         


Year 3 Staff

Miss Glock               Mr Mayhew                   Mrs Harmer/Mrs Hayes       Miss Gough                 Mrs Main/Mrs Phillips

Class Teacher         Teaching Assistant        Class Teachers                  Teaching Assistant       Teaching Assistants


Year 4 Staff

Miss Allen                Mrs Worsdall             Mrs Fletcher/Mrs Edwards    Mrs Shaw                                        Mrs Malley

Class Teacher         Teaching Assistant    Class Teachers                     Higher Level Teaching Assistant    Teaching Assistant         


Mrs Shaw/Mrs Duffin - HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant.



Office Team

Mrs Sydenham and Mrs Chance


Mrs Davies

Breakfast Club Leaders

Mrs Cranham, Miss Parsons, Mrs Reaks and Mrs Land



Mr Becher


If you have any further problems or feel the situation has not been resolved please contact Mrs Hartley the Head Teacher via the school office, telephone or by email   slynch@wimbornefirst.dorset.sch.uk