Last Week In School....


Star of the Week    



Every teacher chooses a member of their class to be the ‘star of the week’. They may be chosen for trying hard, being resilient, having a good attitude to learning, showing manners and respect, being thoughtful towards others or demonstrating good behaviour choices.


Miss Charlton presents each of them with their star cushion, which they get to sit on in class for the week, a badge and a pencil in the Friday assembly.



Our stars last week were:


 Archie - for the way he really challenged himself in English and Maths and put all his energy into a task and wouldnt give up. 


 Phoebe - for being a kind friend and a super role model.


 Dylan - for always being a positive and happy member of the class.


 Isla – for her amazing attitude to learning and for sharing her talk for writing story at home.


 Herbie – for his brilliant presentation in all of his work and for using neat, joined handwriting and for always doing his best.


 Eva – for her amazing writing and resilience this week.


 Kara – for an excellent newspaper report and great presentation of all her work.


 Keyaan – for excellent work in Maths and listening hard to instructions.


 Alfie – for being so enthusiastic  in Maths lessons and explaining his thinking clearly to others.


 Harrison – for excellent reading and a fantastic attitude to learning.



Sticker Chart Successes



Children earn stickers for their sticker chart as an immediate reward for success, effort and good behaviour choices.


Once their chart is full they bring it to Miss Charlton and receive a prize and a certificate.






Children who completed their 20 stickers chart last week were:




 Children who completed their 40 stickers chart last week were:



Finley, Tamsyn, Ryan, Isis, Maibel


Poppy, Max, Parkhur, Alexis, Sam, Celia





Children who completed their 60 stickers chart last week were:



Nathan, Alfie, Maddison, Tabitha




Children who completed their 80 stickers chart last week were: 




Children who completed their 100 stickers chart last week were:    


Florence, Marley, Phoebe


Children who completed their 120 stickers chart last week were:           



Attendance Achievements



Attendance – Week ending 23rd March 2018


Whole school attendance is currently 96.57%.


Year 2 are leading with an excellent attendance figure of 97.13%, well done Year 2! 



Attendance per year group:



96.57 %

Year R

96.74 %

Year 1

96.04 %

Year 2

97.13 %

Year 3

96.71 %

Year 4

96.26 %






And another thing..................



Year 3 have been leading the way with the new format for ‘Coffee and Croissant’ assemblies and I think they have done marvellously!


It really is encouraging to see how involved the children get. They generate the ideas, help piece elements together and get very excited about sharing the assembly with you on the day.


I am sure that those of you who have already been to one will agree that children are really taking ownership of the assemblies and are passionate about sharing their learning.


On behalf of the children, thank you so much for coming and supporting us.


Please feel free to give us feedback on what we are doing well or how we can make it even better.