Last Week In School....


Star of the Week    



Every teacher chooses a member of their class to be the ‘star of the week’. They may be chosen for trying hard, being resilient, having a good attitude to learning, showing manners and respect, being thoughtful towards others or demonstrating good behaviour choices.


Miss Charlton presents each of them with their star cushion, which they get to sit on in class for the week, a badge and a pencil in the Friday assembly.



Our stars last week were:


 Leo - for his excellent attitude and effort in all areas.


 Noah - for his supporting his peers with their spelling in English

and for being an excellent Year 4 role model.


 Alex - for trying so hard to improve his running during the

Golden Mile..


 Louis – for an excellent Year 4.


 Tamsyn – for her increasing confidence in class and for always

being an excellent role model.


 Kyle – for his increasing confidence in class, putting his hand up

more frequently and always trying his best.


 Bradley – for excellent effort and progress in writing and always

showing enthusiasm.


 Charley – for amazing Maths work when finding change and 

using good explanation.


 Tabitha – for her excellent attitude to learning and for her

impeccable manners and behaviour.


 Rosie– for an excellent poem and for working so hard on her




Sticker Chart Successes



Children earn stickers for their sticker chart as an immediate reward for success, effort and good behaviour choices.


Once their chart is full they bring it to Miss Charlton and receive a prize and a certificate.






Children who completed their 40 stickers chart last week were:



 Polly, Joseph, Conor, Isabelle, George, William, Oscar






 Children who completed their 60 stickers chart last week were:



Finley, Janey, Amalie, Tamsyn, Liliya


Jessica, Caitlin, Archie, Vinnie, Harry, Amelia


Willow, Georgia, Keira, George, Aaron


Lila, Daisy, Adelina, Martha, Seren


Darcey, Gloria, Ellie-May, Toby




Children who completed their 80 stickers chart last week were:



Darcey, Sophie, Nathan, Bethany, Holly


Holly, William, Finnley, Lacey, William





Children who completed their 100 stickers chart last week were: 






Children who completed their 120 stickers chart last week were:           

  Florence, Isla


Attendance Achievements



Attendance – Week ending 20th July 2018


Whole school attendance is currently 96.18%.


Year 2 are leading with an attendance figure of 96.69%, well done Year 2! 



Attendance per year group:



96.18 %

Year R

96.18 %

Year 1

95.60 %

Year 2

96.69 %

Year 3

96.58 %

Year 4

95.86 %