What will my child need at school?

School Uniform

You will need:


• White Polo Shirt or White Shirt
• Grey Trousers (Winter uniform)
• Green Sweatshirt with logo
• Grey Shorts (Summer uniform)
• Grey Socks
• Black Shoes (no trainers please)


• White Polo Shirt or White Blouse
• Grey Skirt/Pinafore Dress/Trousers (Winter uniform)
• Green Sweatshirt with logo/Green Cardigan
• Green & White Gingham or Striped Dress (Summer uniform)
• White Socks/Tights or Grey Tights or Dark Green Tights
• Black Shoes

Official school sweatshirts, polo shirts and PE kit may be ordered via just william UK (www.jwck.com).

PE Uniform

For new Reception children, PE is started in September, but not on the initial school visits. Children are asked to wear a white T-shirt and black shorts with black plimsolls.

During the winter, stretchy dark jogging bottoms and a black or green sweatshirt will be used. On the first day of Term, please bring a drawstring bag (school ones are available from the office) which should contain everything listed above.


Please be aware that the children don't have long to change into or out of PE kit, and by experience we have found that most children struggle with trying to undo/do up all the buttons on a shirt or blouse - polo shirts would be more suitable attire for PE days.

The PE bag should remain in school throughout the week, but you are free to take it home at weekends or holidays for washing. However, please ensure the PE bag is returned to school on the first day back at school.

PE is a very important part of our curriculum - in its own right, and because literacy development is very closely linked to physical co-ordination.

A Named Coat

It is a huge help if your child can be taught to manage their coat unaided before they start school. This means turning the sleeves the right way in, putting it on, doing it up/undoing it, and HANGING IT UP on a peg! The sooner they manage on their own, the more confident they will feel. This applies to their school clothes too: you will be helping your child if you choose uniform styles that they can manage on their own. Try to gradually increase their independence with dressing/undressing, turning inside out clothes the right way, and putting their own clothes away at home.

A Reading Folder/Book Bag

We will arrange a meeting to explain the most helpful ways you can encourage your child in their reading, and how we approach the teaching of reading and writing in school. You will need a named book bag to hold your child's books. These can be purchased from the school office, or alternatively, a zip-up plastic wallet from a newsagent would do the job. After Half Term we will send home a Guided Reading Book (Rigby Star) with structured suggestions for help. Guided Reading is where the children are placed into reading groups within the classroom, but more information will be given on this later in the year. Also after Half Term, your child will bring home a library book which gets changed once a week. Please ensure that all books are kept in the book bag at all times and are brought into school each day.

Lunch Box

Please label your childs lunch box in large letters on top of the box (by the handle). This enables easy identification. We actively support the Healthy Schools Award and to promote a Healthy Lifestyle. Please help us by providing your child with a lunchbox that is healthy.

Where is the Lost Property Located?

The Lost Property is located in a box just inside the doorway in the main entrance foyer.


When can my Child Join an After School Club?

A variety of clubs are run for our children & you can obtain a list from the School office. 

What is KS1/KS2 or Key Stage1/Key Stage 2?

As the children move through the school they will enter the different key stages of their learning. The youngest children (ages 4-5) start at the Foundation Stage. This only lasts a year. The children then move into Key Stage 1 (KS1) which is for children in Years 1 and 2. At the end of Year 2 the children move into Key Stage 2 (KS2). Our children will only complete two years of this key stage at Wimborne First, as the children transfer to Middle Schools at the end of Year 4.

Can Children bring Scooters/Bicycles Into School?

Any scooters or bicycles which are brought into school must be clearly named and left in the bike shed situated near the swimming pool. The school gate will be locked after school starts so items left in the bike shed will be safe until the end of school. NO BIKES OR SCOOTERS SHOULD BE RIDDEN ON THE PLAYGROUND AT ANY TIME!

Our School Travel Plan

The DfES has advised that all schools should develop a School Travel Plan (STP). Wimborne First School has drawn up its STP in consultation with the school community. The aim is to encourage parents and staff to walk or use other environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from school. For some driving is necessary, and in this case the aim is to encourage use of local car parks so as to prevent congestion near the school.

A copy of the full STP can be obtained from the school office, but here are a few useful highlights.

• Healthy Lifestyle - By promoting walking and 'scootering' to school, children and adults will be active and fitter. It should also help reduce pollution around the school.

• Bicycle Shed - There is currently some provision for leaving bikes and scooters at school, but the STP aims to improve this by providing a new bicycle shed.

• Car Parks - For those who need to drive, the school can issue permits for the use of Westfield and Allenview car parks. The school is a short walk from each of these. The permits cost £3 and allow for twenty minutes parking.

• School Lane - This is a narrow lane with no pavement, and as such is potentially hazardous. Therefore parents and carers are actively discouraged from using the lane at the start and end of the school day. Your help in achieving this is much appreciated.

• West Borough Crossing Patrol - The school is extremely lucky to have a pro-active School Crossing Patrol called Malcolm Ballam. He helps children and parents to safely cross West Borough and enter School Lane. He also helps to keep the zig-zag markings clear.

Future Developments - The STP aims to:
• Install playground shelters
• Improve access to the front of the school
• Teach road safety skills

At WFS we want all our children to be healthy and safe, and the STP aims to contribute towards this. We value your support as parents in helping this to happen.

Lunch Boxes

When eventually your child stays to lunch, if your child is having a packed lunch, please label their lunchbox in large letters on top of the box (by the handle). This enables easy identification.

Hot Meals

Hot school meals available in school. A form will be given to your child, mid term for you to book any hot meals for the following term.

Snack Time

A choice of free healthy fruit is provided by the school. For drinks, your child should bring in a clearly labelled, non-breakable bottle containing only water for classroom use throughout the day (squash, fruit juices & other drinks are not permitted). Recording choices of snacks and distributing them accurately/fairly will become part of your child's daily practical maths. Please do not send any other snacks. Your child will not be forced to eat anything they do not like. Please tell us if your child has any allergies to food. The free fruit will be provided until your child enters Year 3, when you will need to provide clearly labelled fruit for your child's snack time.


During the first term you will be provided with a form in order to claim free milk for snack time which will continue until your child reaches the age of 5. 

Book Bags

These should be clearly marked with your child's name. Please note: DRINK bottles & FOOD should not be placed inside book bags.


Fortnightly newsletters are put in your child's book bag for all school communication. You can also receive them by email and download from the school website.

Not Coming to School?

If your child is unwell, please phone the school and let us know as soon as possible. It is important for our records that we have notification from you when this happens: the telephone is the quickest and easiest way.

Playground Policy in the Mornings and After School

• No dogs on the SCHOOL GROUNDS please.
• No unaccompanied children on playground.
• No children on the climbing frame or fit trail if the cones are out.
• No scooters or bikes to be ridden on playground.
• No ball games before or after school.
• Allenbourn children to meet parents on playground when gates are opened.
• No smoking on the school grounds.


Earrings must be of the stud variety. We only encourage jewellery if it is for religious purposes. Watches may also be worn, but the school takes no responsibility for any loss or damage or accidents that occur through them being worn. 

PE Safety Policy

Children are not permitted to wear earrings during PE.  Children wearing earrings will be asked to remove them for PE.

Parents are encouraged to wait until the summer holidays to have their child's ears pierced.


Any monies brought into school must be in a sealed envelope with the child's name, class teacher and some idea of what it is for, on the outside & handed to the Class Teacher.


We are always considering a range of security measures and are continually attempting to improve these matters for the school. Would parents note in particular the need to always enter the school via the main school entrance when collecting/delivering their child outside normal times. It is also policy to lock the side gates in the school playground after 9:00am each day.

School Lane

Wimborne First School politely requests that all parents refrain from driving up & down School Lane during school dropping off/collecting times as it is dangerous to the children. Parking passes may be obtained from the School Office for only £3, which covers 20 minutes parking in Westfield Car Park & Allenview Car Park. Both car parks are only a short walk from the school.