Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


The school prides itself in its ability to offer and successfully deliver a full curriculum that is inclusive to all children, irrespective of need.  We are so pleased with our work and proud that the school has been accredited with the "Inclusion Quality Mark."

The SEN team works very closely with all of the teaching staff and, as a result, are able to support children with a wide range of academic, physical and social needs. This may be in the form of classroom based support or withdrawn support, often in small group or one-to-one sessions using resources from within the school and from the support services within the Authority. The school maintains very close working relationships with children, staff, parents and other agencies. Indeed, partnership with parents is of the utmost importance. We encourage parents to discuss progress regularly with class teachers and where necessary the Inclusion Leader.

The Inclusion Leader/SENCo for our school is Mrs Harmer. Her email address is senco@wimbornefirst.dorset.sch.uk

Mrs Harmer is supported by Karen Main our Specialist Teacher/ SENCo. 


The school is proud of its ability to support children with a variety of special needs and has taken steps to ensure that all children are treated equally. As a result the school is suitably equipped to deal with a wide range of individual needs. The school and the governing body regularly review its provision for children with special needs and ensure that its staff are well prepared and trained.


If you would like to discuss any issue regarding your child and Special Educational Needs please give the school a call and we will be happy to provide both information and support.


For more information on SEND within education please read these useful guides




School Policies

SEN Policy.pdf

Admin Medicines Policy.pdf

Accessibility Policy and Plan.pdf


The Local Offer

All schools and Local Authorities now have a responsibility to publish a 'Local Offer'. This contains information about local provision for children and young people who are disabled and those with special educational needs (SEN). Each school also publishes its own School Information Report.

Please click the link below for our School Information Report.

School Information report 2016.pdf


Please find below a link to Wimborne First School's Local offer on Dorset for You website.....



 Services for Dorset parents

Dorset Special Educational Needs Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

Dorset SENDIASS are a free, impartial and confidential service who provide information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with SEN and/or a disability.

Website: https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/parent-partnership-service 

Email: sendiass@dorsetcc.gov.uk 


Dorset Parent Carer Council (DPCC)

Dorset Parent Carer Council is run by parents for parents and their families. Their aim is to help improve the lives and opportunities for families and children and young people who are disabled in Dorset. They are doing this by being a voice to inform all agencies and services about the needs of disabled children and their families in Dorset. Contact them

Website: http://www.dorsetparentcarercouncil.co.uk/ 

Tel: 07827 793 244
Email: dpcc@dorsetparentcarercouncil.co.uk


Contact A Family - For Families With Disabled Children
Contact a Family is the only national charity that exists to support the families of disabled children whatever their condition or disability.

Website: http://www.cafamily.org.uk/ 

Tel: 01179 711334         Mobile: 07920 654866
Email: info@cafamily.org.uk


 We have tried to gather together some information that might be of use to you if your child has any Special Educational Needs.

If you are aware of any other useful websites please let us know and we will try to include a link to them.

General Information Sites

Special Education Resources on the Net

Office for Advice, Assistance, Support and Information on Special Needs



Family Education Website

The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service (ADDISS)


The Dyspraxia Foundation

Autism & Aspergers

National Autistic Society

Autism Independent UK

Aspergers Support 


British Dyslexia Association


The British Epilepsy Association

Visual Impairment

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder