Autumn 2017

Our topic for the 1st half term is:  

'Xbox and Spinning Tops' 

During the topic we will explore the key question:

'Why is the Wii more fun than Grandad and Grandma's old toys?' 


Year 1 had an exciting term, stepping back in time and learning all about the past.

To begin our topic, we invited the grandparents into school for our Sparkly Starter, where we explored old and new toys. The grandparents had the opportunity to share memories of their childhood and how toys have changed over time. We made close observations of old toys and asked lots of questions which we discussed when we returned to the classroom. Throughout the topic, the children created written instructions on how to play a range of old toys and became busy shop keepers in our very own toy shop! In addition to all of this, they became top designers, planning and making a moveable puppet of their choice. To end our fantastic learning journey, we visited the wonderful Priest House Museum for our Fab Finish. We made Mrs Beeton's biscuits, homemade lemonade and scrumptious toast, to end our fantastic learning journey.


Please see the link below for the Curriculum Map:

Curriculum Map X box and Spinning Tops 2017.pdf

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Our topic for the 2nd half term is:  

'Twit Twoos and Cock A Doodle Doos' 

During the topic we will explore the key question:

'Why does it get darker in winter?' 

To begin our topic, the children read the story 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark'. The classroom was made dark, whilst the children had hot chocolate and marshmallows. After hearing about Plop the owl, the children started to explore and find out all about the dark and how exciting it can be. Throughout the topic, they became top scientists and investigated how shadows are made, they even went on a shadow hunt around the school. The children used various sources to research about nocturnal animals and created their own fact files. They also created their own night scene and silhouette pictures, inspired by the artist Van Gogh and his starry night painting. The children took a journey into space, to find out exactly how day and night happens. Sailing through the seasons, the children also became weather forecasters and explored what the weather is like during Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer!



Please see the link below for the Curriculum Map:

Curriculum-map- Autumn 2 -2017.pdf

Please see the link below for the Home Learning Planner:

Home learning - Autumn 2.pdf