Summer 2017


Our topic for the 1st half term is:  

 'Park Life'


During the topic we will explore the key question:

'What birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?'


To begin our topic, the children will visit Redcotts Park to discover what is growing there. They will collect a variety of leaves and objects and identify many of the plants, flowers, trees and birds living in the park. Whilst visiting the park the children will also enjoy a lovely picnic, whilst listening to the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Throughout the topic the children will explore the functions of different parts of a plant, identify a range of common birds, sort a variety of wild and garden flowers and make bird feeders to attract more birds into our playground.  The children will also produce some wonderful art work, making clay birds, painting pictures of our park and bird spotting binoculars.  For our fab finish and to celebrate the end of our fantastic topic 'Park Life', the children will be visiting Monkey World for their school trip! The children will have the opportunity to explore the park, investigate and discover Monkey World through learning facts about the animals and their habitats and listening to Monkey World’s experts.  They will also enjoy a picnic in the woodland setting!  


Please see the link below for the Curriculum Map:

Curriculum Map Park Life 2018.pdf 


Please see the link below for the Home Learning Planner:

Home Learning Planner - Summer 1 pdf 

Our topic for the 2nd half term is:  

'Who lives in a house like this?' 


During the topic we will explore the key question:

'What materials should the three little pigs have used to build their houses?'