Learning Journey

Our Magical Materials Tea Party!


What a brilliant start to our new topic - Who lives in a house like this?

The children were invited to a magical materials tea party by the three little pigs. They were asked to come to school dressed as a traditional tale character and WOW, the children looked fantastic!

Throughout the day, the children carried out a range of scientific investigations, in order to find out what happens to certain materials when they are heated or cooled. They toasted bread and melted butter, they made yummy strawberry jelly and melted chocolate!

It was a truly magical day !

Year 1's school trip to Monkey World !


Year 1 had the most AMAZING time at Monkey World! The children didn't stop smiling the whole day. The monkey's definitely enjoyed having all of Mice and Ducks visit them and were showing off their best tricks. The children saw a range of primates, from chimpanzees to lemurs, squirrel monkeys to macques, there was so much to see in one day!

The children enjoyed a picnic in the woodland setting, surrounded by the monkeys. It was a fun-filled memorable day for all!

Miss Bennett and Mrs Cross were extremely proud of all the children's behaviour and they certainly did Wimborne First School proud.



Jaxon - " It was such an amazing day Miss Bennett, the monkeys were just so funny! "


Emily - " It says the monkeys eat plants and animal prey so they must be omnivores"

Sophia - " My favourite part of the day was seeing the baby chimpanzees! "



Park Life


Mice and Ducks had a fantastic morning visiting Redcotts park. We began the morning by having a picnic whilst listening to the traditional tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. The children were then encouraged to get their magnifying glasses out and take the role of a detective, searching the park for Little Red Riding Hood's clues. They identified many of the plants, flowers, trees and birds around the park, ready to take their learning back into the classroom and explore it further.


Stepping it up for Sports Relief!

 It has been a rather exciting day for all the children and staff at Wimborne First School, celebrating Sports Relief! The children came to school dressed to represent their favourite sport and completed lots of different sporting challenges throughout the day. 


" I was the year group champion, because I balanced the ball on the tennis racket for the longest time!" - Sophie 

World Book Day

Wow, what a fantastic day we had celebrating World Book Day!

The Year 1 team were blown away with the children's costumes, they looked absolutely fantastic and the children had such an enjoyable day. To end our talk for writing focus on, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea', we celebrated by having our own tea party. The children made their own clay teacups and saucers and painted them in beautiful patterns. Excellent work, Mice and Ducks!

Come Fly With Me! 

 Well, what an exciting day Mice and Ducks have had for their sparkly starter to our new topic 'Come fly with me!'...

The children arrived at school with their bags and suitcases, ready to board 'Wimborne Airlines'.

We flew all the way to Mexico and Iceland, all in one morning! We learnt lots about the different climate in each country, the animals you might find and we even did some food tasting.


"We made real passports so we could get on the aeroplane!" - Mia


Crash landing on the playground!

 The children came to school in the morning to find a spaceship had landed on our playground! We all went outside to look at the spaceship, we were all very curious, asking lots of questions, such as.... Where has it come from? Who is inside the spaceship? - Sam

After watching a video and reading the story, we discovered it was 'Beegu' who had landed in the playground, a friendly alien from space! The children have been focusing on the story in English lessons, writing letters and postcards to Beegu. It has been a very exciting week in Mice and Ducks class. 

Super Mathematicians! 


 This week in Maths, the children have been partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones. They have been working with the diennes to represent the 2-digit numbers, alongside using the part whole model.

We are super proud of their efforts and can't believe how much they have progressed since the beginning of Year 1.  


Super work Mice and Ducks! 

Famous Faces - Sparkly Starter

 What a fantastic day the children had for their sparkly starter to our topic 'Famous Faces'. The children came to school dressed as a famous person of their choice and WOW the costumes absolutely blew us away! We had a Michael Jackson, Darcey Bussell, several Tim Peakes and a whole lot more famous people in the Year 1 base for the day. The children are so excited to begin our topic and learn lots more about people who have influenced our lives. 


"Our sparkly starter was the best day ever, I loved the red carpet!" - Milo 

Our spectacular Christmas nativity play! 

 WOW! What a week it has been for Year 1 ... After performing to the school and parents, our Christmas performances are officially over! The children blew us all away with their superb singing, acting and dancing. It truly has been a magical week and the Year 1 team are bursting with pride. 

When the children returned to the classroom following the final performance, they were extremely excited to find the Christmas assembly fairy had left them treats for their outstanding efforts!

Our shadow investigation!

Year 1 became top Scientists this afternoon! We discussed how shadows are formed and carried out our own scientific investigation. We investigated whether the size of shadows are affected when the light source is further away or closer to the object. After making our predictions, using torches and various objects, we got into groups and started to explore! We then gathered together to discuss our results. We found that when the light source is closer to the object, the shadow gets bigger and when the light source is further away, the shadow gets smaller! 

A spotacular day in Year 1! 

 Year 1 had a fantastic day celebrating 'children in need'. The children arrived in spotty clothes and took part in different spotacular challenges throughout the day. We had a game of musical 'spotues' and sorted smarties into their colours, against the clock! The children truly enjoyed their day and raised lots of money towards a wonderful cause. 


"We celebrate children in need so that we can raise lots of money and give it to other children who might be poorly or need a rest" - Sophia

A morning full of sport for Mice Class! 

Mice class were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to attend a sports festival at St James' First School. Along with other local schools, the children spent the morning participating in lots of different sport activities. It was a wonderful morning and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!  

Sparkly Starter - Twit Twoos and Cock a Doodle Doos 

It was a dark morning this morning in Year 1. The children came into Mice class to find sparkling stars on the ceiling, a log fire and nocturnal animal noises! Plop the animal came to visit us to tell us all about the dark. 

We listened to the story 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark' whilst sipping on hot chocolate and eating marshmallows.  

We discussed how the dark makes us feel and decided that the dark is in fact quite magical. We are certain that Plop has nothing to be afraid of!

Merlin the magical maths wizard!

Mice and Ducks had a very exciting morning! The children arrived to find a wizards hat in the classroom. After discussing why it might have been left, we discovered a letter underneath the hat. Merlin the magical maths wizard had left us a challenge to solve. We put our mathematical hats on and got busy, using the resources to solve the problems.

Grandparents Visit

We had such a wonderful afternoon for our sparkly starter to our topic 'Xbox and Spinning Tops'! The grandparents were invited into school to share their memories of toys from the past. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring a range of old and new toys, they learnt lots about how toys have changed over time. It was a rather special afternoon and definitely one to remember!

A fantastic start to the term!


What a wonderful start to the new term, the children have settled in so quickly and we are incredibly proud of them already!

" I love year 1, Maths is so fun and I am looking forward to learning lots about our topic" - Sophia   

 We have been very busy in Mice and Ducks, making our very own class animals to display in our classrooms. The children have also produced some fantastic writing about their summer holidays and we have been busy in Maths, matching the correct numerals to their value.


The 30 day lego challenge!


The children were asked to complete the 30 day Lego challenge over the summer holidays.  See our amazing projects!