Autumn 2018

Our topic for the first half term is:

'Expert Explorers'

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'What was Wimborne like 100 years ago?'

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 Year 2, grab your binoculars and your treasure maps as we become EXPERT EXPLORERS!

We will begin our adventure as we travel into Wimborne for our Sparkly Starter. The children will find out about the local area by visiting the Priest's House, the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Minster and Wimborne Square. As any other explorer, we will record our discoveries through map reading, compass work and documenting our findings using photos. When we get back into the classroom, we will discuss our findings and create some super sketches using charcoal.

We will also kick start our weather diary as we investigate and document the changes in the weather throughout the year. We will also try our hands at being weather presenters and write our very own weather reports to share with the rest of the class.   

To finish what will be a fab topic, we will investigate how Wimborne has changed over the years by inviting our grandparents into school. We look forward to sharing stories and finding out what has changed since our grandparents were younger.


Click the following link to see the Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map Expert Explorers.pdf 

Click the following link to see the Home Learning Planner - Home Learning Planner Expert Explorers.pdf 


Our topic for the second half term is:

'Happy Habitats' 

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?'Related image

Year 2, get ready as we go EGGcavating! 

To begin the topic the children will become palaeontologists for the day as they excavate fossils, make paper-mache dinosaur eggs and make their very own ammonites using salt dough. Our dinosaur adventures will continue as we become super scientists! We will find out what is meant by a 'fair test' as we investigate the best way to melt ice dinosaur eggs. We will also use some scientific equipment to explore the happy habitats hiding in our forest school. The children will explore a range of habitats, animals and food chains.

This topic holds some fantastic cross-curricular opportunities for some super creative writing and we can't wait for the children to find a surprise that may appear in the classroom! It's sure to be EGGcellent and full of EGGcitement.

Towards the end of the term all the festive activities will start and the children will begin practising for the Christmas play. They will enjoy a trip to the Christmas shop to search for presents for their families. We look forward to sharing our Year 2 Christmas EGGtravaganza. 


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