Spring 2019

Our topic for the first half term is:

'One Small Step' 

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Why were Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus brave people?'

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 Year 2, hold on as we take a journey to the moon and across the seas!

For our sparkly starter, the children will arrive at school to be greeted with the night sky and instructions to head straight into class. The classroom will be filled with dazzling laser lights as we watch the footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. We will then became spectacular space engineers and design our own moon landing modules for a precious egg-spaceman. When complete, we will take our finished modules into the hall and drop them from a height to test them out.

We will then get creative as we use paper mache and milk bottle tops to create the surface of the moon. We will also find out about the sun and earth as we make replicas to show our amazing solar system. 

To continue our mission to find out about famous people from the past, we will be taking a trip to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The children will take a step back in time to discover the different explorers of that period. The children will take part in an exciting workshop and have the opportunity to create a name for their ship and crew. They will then explore different places they might visit on their sails across the seas and what items they would bring back for the Queen. We will venture aboard the HMS Victory to get a feel for the living conditions that sailors would have experienced during Christopher Columbus’s voyage. To link to the topic we will study the paintings of seascapes by Vincent Van Gogh and recreat these using oil pastels.

To finish the topic, we will put our scientific hats on and investigate which materials would float and sink to help Christopher Columbus’ ship.


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Our topic for the second half term is:

'On Safari' 

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Where would you rather live? South Africa or England?' 


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Year 2, this topic will be filled with bright colours and loud noises as we venture into AFRICA!   

To kick-start our topic, the sound of African drumming will be carried through the corridors of Wimborne First School on Year 2's exciting Fab Finish. On this day, Year 2 will be treated to a host of African activities. The children will learn all about life in South Africa and even taste a range of South African foods. They will immerse themselves in the local life through watching a local dance, listening to traditional stories and playing the drums.

We will then look at a range of South African animals and make our very own shilloute pictures. We will look closely at the colours used and select a range of pastels to create the South African sunset. To carry on our creative flair, the children will then use clay to design and make an African clay pot. They will look closely at a range of African patterns and use carving tools to create their desired effect.

To finish our topic, we will look closely at lots of pictures from both South Africa and England and look at the differences and similarities. We will send postcards to South Africa and who knows, we may even receive a surprise back!


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