Summer 2018


Our topic for the first half term was:

'Ready, Set, Go!' 

During the topic we explored the big question:

'How could you be the next Sports Personality of the year?'

'How can you be the next Master Chef?'Image result for chef hat  cartoon


‘Ready, Set, Go!’... 



This term, the children have learnt lots about how to live a healthy lifestyle. For our 'Sparkly Starter' the children came to school dressed as farmers, ready to plant their very own healthy crop of runner beans. They also looked at a range of vegetables, flowers and plants growing in our beautiful wellies and waterproof area. The children have observed and recorded the growth of their beans throughout the term. The children developed their knowledge of health and growth and explored foods from each food group and what makes a balanced diet. 

The children completed a range of physical activities, to see how exercise impacts our bodies. We then placed our results into a tally chart and used our results to create a bar chart. We then analysed our findings to see which activity was our strongest. 


We look forward to our 'Fab Finish', when the children will come into school dressed as 'Master Chef's' ready to take part in Wimborne First Schools 'Ready, Steady, Cook!'. The children will look at a range of food groups and choose foods from each group. They will then make a healthy snack for the Year 1 children to come and try. They will also make a video convincing others to stay healthy. Who wins?... Year 1 decides!


Click the following link to see the Curriculum Map -  Curriculum Map - Ready, Set, Go!.pdf

Click the following link to see the Home Learning Planner - Wimborne First School home learning planner- Summer 1 pdf


Our topic for the second half term is:

'Oh I do like to live beside the seaside!'

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Why do we love to live beside the seaside?'

Image result for seaside cartoon



Get your bucket and spades ready, as we explore our last topic ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’. The smell of delicious fish and chips will be wafting through the air as our classrooms will be transformed into the seaside. We will use our senses to describe what we might see, hear, smell and taste at the seaside and then use these ideas to write some super, summer seaside poems. Through this topic we will be travelling back in time to Victorian Britain to experience what the seaside was like in the past. We will use our artistic skills to create exciting, inspirational seaside picture as well as look at the creations of Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural resources to create his artwork.

We will then become Victorian ice-lolly inventors and design and create our own delicious lollies, which we will enjoy eating in the sunshine. We will then compare what we would see at the seaside today to Victorian times. We will write postcards home explaining the fantastic ‘Punch and Judy’ show, the rather smelly donkey ride and the funny outfits that we had to wear at the beach. Let’s hope the sun shines, Year two!


Click the following link to see the Curriculum Map -  Curriculum Map – Oh I do like to be beside the seaside pdf. 

Click the following link to see the Home Learning Planner - Home learning planner 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' Summer 2 pdf