Summer 2019


Our topic for the first half term is:

'Ready, Set, Go!' 

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'How can you be the next Master Chef?'Image result for chef hat  cartoon

 Year 2, Ready, Set, Go!... 

This term, the children will learn lots about how to live a healthy lifestyle. For our 'Sparkly Starter' the children will come to school dressed as farmers, ready to plant their very own healthy crop of runner beans. They will look at a range of vegetables, flowers and plants growing in our beautiful forest school area. The children will observe and record the growth of their beans throughout the term. They will explore different foods from each food group and what makes a balanced diet. 

We will then need to get our running shoes on, as we take part in a range of physical activities, to see how exercise impacts our bodies. We will place our results into a tally chart and use our findings to create a bar chart. We will then analyse our graphs to see which activity was our strongest. 


To end our topic, the competition will commence as the children come into school dressed as 'Master Chef's' ready to take part in Wimborne First Schools 'Ready, Steady, Cook!'. The children will look at a range of food groups and choose foods from each group. They will then make a healthy snack for the Year 1 children to come and try. They will also make a video convincing others to stay healthy. Who wins?... Year 1 decides!


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Our topic for the second half term is:

'Oh I do like to live beside the seaside!'

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Why do we love to live beside the seaside?'



Our topic for the second half term is:

'On Safari' 

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'Where would you rather live? South Africa or England?' 


Related image

Year 2, this topic will be filled with bright colours and loud noises as we venture into AFRICA!   

To kick-start our topic, the sound of African drumming will be carried through the corridors of Wimborne First School on Year 2's exciting Fab Finish. On this day, Year 2 will be treated to a host of African activities. The children will learn all about life in South Africa and even taste a range of South African foods. They will immerse themselves in the local life through watching a local dance, listening to traditional stories and playing the drums.

We will then look at a range of South African animals and make our very own shilloute pictures. We will look closely at the colours used and select a range of pastels to create the South African sunset. To carry on our creative flair, the children will then use clay to design and make an African clay pot. They will look closely at a range of African patterns and use carving tools to create their desired effect.

To finish our topic, we will look closely at lots of pictures from both South Africa and England and look at the differences and similarities. We will send postcards to South Africa and who knows, we may even receive a surprise back!


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