Learning Journey

Oh we do like to be beside the SEASIDE!! 

We had a wonderful sparkly starter to kick start our new topic.

The children had a fun filled day designing their own packaging and flavours for a new ice lolly in town. They loved making them with a range of fruit juices- some children even managed to get the fruit pastel design by freezing their juices at different times. We then looked at Queen Victoria and how she reigned across many countries. We discussed her visits and what she would see on her way. We got very creative by making a range of different portholes. The children could choose their designs from a range of media.

It was safe to say, we all had a spectacular time at the seaside!


"  I loved our sparkly starter, we made our portholes. I love art and we got to use lots of materials". -Francesca

"I liked that we got to come in our beach clothes. My favourite part was making ice lollies". - Harrison

Today we became ... Master Chefs!

As part of our Fab Finish, the children became Junior Master Chefs for the day! The children made and tasted a range of sandwiches.

The Year 1 children came down to 'Rabbits and Owls Restraunt' and had the opportunity to taste and judge the food for themselves. Rabbits and Owls could tell the Year 1 children all about a healthy balanced diet and we were super proud of their confidence.


Making Magical potions in Maths! 

We had a magical time in Year 2 making potions for Dumbledore.

The children enjoyed finding his ingredients and making their very own potions, ready to send back to Dumbledore.The ingredients involved: worms blood; unicorn blood; ladybird juice and eyeball juice...YUCK!

We knew if we had made our potion correct as it turned green and was exactly 750ml! 

We have decided that Hogwarts need Year 2!   



Due to the weather, our Easter egg hunt was postponed to the Summer term. 

We had a brilliant time  in the sunshine with the Easter chick and hunting around the forest garden for the hidden eggs. 


"I found the golden egg!"- Freya and Sam. 

Will we get our own giant beanstalk? 


We certainly had a busy day in the forest garden. We had a look at the range of flowers and plants that we have in our garden and even planted our own 'magic' bean. We have decided to carry out our own experiment and place our beans in different locations to investigate which bean will grow the tallest. 


"I really liked it because we got to plant our own bean!".- Elliott. 

"I liked looking at the insects".- Noah 

"We saw lots of bluebells". - Matilda

"I can't wait to see my bean grow".- Freya 

"I'm going to put my bean where the window is because it will grow in the sun".- Nathan 

"My bean will is going to go outside because it will get rain and sun".- Marley 

A taste of Africa


We had a fun filled afternoon in Year 2 tasting a range of South African treats. The children tried guava, grapes, fizzers, biltong and flings (crisps). Mrs Rogers taught the children some Xhosa and Afrikaans words. We listened to some African music and even had a go at creating our own on the drums. The children also had a go at being orange farmers and learnt about the importance of 'fair trade'.  

A lovely whistle stop tour of South Africa.


'Step it up, step it up!'

Sports Relief!

 It was an exciting day for all the children and staff at Wimborne First School, celebrating Sports Relief! The children came to school dressed to represent their favourite sport and each year group completed their very own sports challenge. 


Rabbit and Owl class were blown away by our SPORTS CHAMPION- Marley!... He won the penalty shoot out and scored the most goals. 

On Safari during creative arts week! 

Look at our amazing Art work!... 


"We made silhouette pictures... First we created the background using a range of pastels. Then we had templates of animals from South Africa and put them on a black piece of paper. We cut them out and placed them on our backgrounds".- William.

Not only did the children create some amazing silhouette pictures, but they also used clay to create their own African clay pots. We researched African patterns and engraved them onto our pots and the results were quite striking!

Book Crazy!... World Book day 

We've had a fantastic time in Year 2 sharing costumes, books and authors! 

The children all looked amazing and we were blown away by their costumes. 

As teachers, we love seeing the children enjoy books and get carried away by their imagination. Book day certainly proved to be as magical as expected, with the children sharing their favourite parts of a book and why. 

Thank you to all the parents for your hard work on making the costumes look WONDERFUL! 

Ahoy Sailors! 

Our school trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard... 


During our visit to Portsmouth, the children took a step back in time to discover the different explorers of that period. The children took part in an exciting workshop where they had the opportunity to create a name for their ship and crew. They thought about the different places they might visit on their sail across the seas and what items they would bring back for the Queen. 

We also ventured aboard the HMS Victory to get a feel for the living conditions that sailors would have experienced during Christopher Columbus’s voyage.

It certainly was a day to remember!

Miss Drake and Mrs Rogers were extremely proud of all of the children. 

"The best trip ever!".- Harry. 

3,2,1, Blast off!

This week we went on the most exciting journey to the moon! For our 'One small step' sparkly starter, the children arrived at school to be greeted with the night sky and instructions to head straight into Rabbits class. The classroom was filled with dazzling laser light stars and we watched the footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. The children were fascinated with the old fashioned footage and we enjoyed talking about the Apollo 11 space mission. We then became space engineers and designed our very own moon landing module for a very precious egg-spaceman. We were so impressed with the children's designs and the care and attention they paid to the construction of their landing modules. On Friday, we took our finished modules into the hall and dropped them from a height to test them out. It was so exciting to watch them fall and then open them up to see if our spacemen had survived the journey. And we are pleased to report that many of them did!

Lights, Camel, Action!

Wow, wow, wow! Year 2 really blew our socks off with their incredible performance of our Christmas play, Lights, Camel, Action! We were so impressed with their singing, their funky dance moves and their acting. They performed with confidence and flair in front of the whole school and two packed audiences full of Mums, Dads, Nannies and Granddads. There were lots of laughs and it certainly got us all in the Christmas spirit. We were so proud of their committed and mature attitudes during rehearsals and are confident that there are some future stars of screen and stage in our midst! Well done Year 2.    

Year 2 rocking around the Christmas shop!

A great time at the Christmas shop for the Rabbits and Owls. A BIG thank you to everyone that helped to make it such a special event! 

"I loved it, I cant wait to give my presents".- George 

 Super Scientists!  

With team leaders, habitat explorers, Scientific investigators and check list keepers, we were ready to go habitat hunting! 

Using our magnifying glasses and bug viewers, we looked closely at the habitats and the bugs living their. 

We shared our thoughts about our findings and what equipment worked well. 


A wonderful morning in the forest garden. 


"I was excited this morning! We found lots of bugs in their habitats. I love the forest garden"-Annabelle. 

Children In Need - Spotacular fun in Year 2!

What a fantastic, spot filled day we have had in Year 2! The fun started yesterday when we decorated out spotacular bakes ready for the cake sale. We also painted our class Pudsey and coloured some owls and rabbits to personalise them ready for the 'round pound' collection. Friday morning saw the children come to school in their spottiest of outfits and they looked absolutely amazing. Owls class were particularly proud as they collected the most money in the 'round pound' collection and earned themselves an extra play time in the afternoon. We also had a great time playing 'pin the spot on Pudsey'.

EGG-CELLENT find in Year 2! 

What an egg-tremely strange week we have had. 

When we walked into the classroom we found a dinosaur egg! The children were so egg-ited, we decided to spend some time researching what dinosaur it could be and describing the features of the egg.

The next day, we were shocked to find that it had hatched. 

We were very lucky as some of the teachers had seen the events take place. Listening to their stories, we were able to retell the events in our very best books.

We then enjoyed placing our Science hats on as we explored the different ways of melting our dinosaur eggs. 


Sparkly Starter- Happy Habitats

We went dino mad today as we made dinasour ammoniates, we excavated dinosaur egg fossils and made our very own dinosaur stegosaurus. We were so inspired when excavating our egg fossil we decided to make our very own using paper mache. We are looking forward to painting them and placing them on display for all to see. What a wonderful Sparkly Starter full of arts and crafts.


 "I liked this morning when we came in and we had dinasour themed music and jungle vines to get into the classroom"- Elliott

"It was really fun when we looked at the fossils"-Holly

...and finally our Rabbits School Council Rep said; "This has been the best Sparkly Starter topic EVER!".


Learning about the past from our visiting Expert Explorers!

 This week we had a visit from some of our Grandparents and Parents who came to share all their knowledge about Wimborne in the past. The children prepared their own questions to ask the visiting 'experts' and were very excited to write down their answers on their clipboards. The children were fascinated by all the wonderful photos, books and artefacts that the Parents and Grandparents brought in to show them. There was even a very old school report from a former Wimborne First School student! We would like to say a very special thank-you to everyone who came. It was a fantastic afternoon and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Explorers at the ready! 

WOW!!... We had a fantastic time building shelters in our forest garden. 


The children received a phone call from Santiago the Explorer. He explained that he had left his tent at home and was on his way to the Amazon rainforest. He asked if we could help him think about how he could design his shelter. The children will now write an instructional text to Santiago to tell him what he can do. Well done Rabbits and Owls, you have two very proud teachers! 

Our journey into Wimborne town!

A wonderful Sparkly Starter to our new topic 'Expert Explorer's'.  We set off with our maps at the ready and ventured into Wimborne town. 

"It was exciting to use the maps as we could see where we were going next"- Poppy. 

We enjoyed looking at all the features of our town and answering our Wimborne quiz questions.

 We look forward to exploring Wimborne more in our topic lessons! 

A new adventure starts in Year 2!

We have been very busy in Rabbits and Owls...

We started the week by discussing our goals for the end of Year 2 and creating our very own hot air balloon to hang them on. We then got our explorer hats on and ventured into Rabbit class which had been turned into a jungle full of vines and animals. We listened to the tweeting birds, the running waterfall and the whistling wind. The children created some amazing writing using their adventures and enjoyed reading them back to the class.

What a wonderful start to the new term, the children have been a delight to teach and we are so incredibly proud of them already!