Learning Journey...

Super Scientists!  

With our wellies on, we were ready to go habitat hunting! 

Using our magnifying glasses and bug viewers, we looked closely at the habitats and the bugs living there. 

We shared our thoughts about our findings and what equipment worked well. 


It was a wonderful morning spent in the forest garden!


"I found so many mini-beasts in the forest garden! I love Science!"-Harry.

Sparkly Starter- Happy Habitats

We went dino mad today as we made dinasour ammoniates, we excavated dinosaur egg fossils and made our very own dinosaur stegosaurus. We are looking forward to making egg fossils using paper mache later in the topic. We will be painting them and then placing them on display for all to see. We are also extremely excited to visit the forest garden and make our own happy habitats!


"It was really fun when we looked at the fossils"-Bethany

Our Rabbits School Council Rep said; "This has been the best Sparkly Starter EVER!".

Curly Wurly Challenge

The children carried out their own Science experiment, to see who could stretch a Curly Wurly the longest. They planned what they were going to do as a group using different techniques, such as: bending, twisting, pulling and stretching. They had a fantastic time and it was safe to say we managed to stretch a curly Wurly at least 3 times its original size.

We discussed the different techniques used and which one was most effective


"I love Science! This is the best experiment".- Florence

Learning about the past from our visiting Expert Explorers!

This week to finish our fab topic, we had a visit from some of our Grandparents and Parents. They came and shared all their knowledge about Wimborne in the past and how it has changed over the years. The children prepared their own questions to ask the visiting 'experts' and were very excited to share what they had learnt, when we returned to the classroom. The children were fascinated by all the wonderful photos, books and artefacts that the Parents and Grandparents brought in to show them. We would like to say a very special thank you to everyone who came. It was a fantastic afternoon, full of memories and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Visit to our new school! 

As part of our new build project, we were invited to visit our new school site. In order to choose the children to take on this exciting visit, each class participated in a raffle. Sophia from Owls and Indigo from Rabbits were chosen! They had their hard hats and safety jackets at the ready as we ventured onto the grounds of our new school. We were amazed by how big the site was and all the lovely things that we will have in our new school. We learnt so many interesting facts and brought them all back with us to share with the rest of our class. 

Thank you Sophia and Indigo... you were super stars! 

Our treasure hunt to find artefacts!

 The children came back from assembly to find a letter addressed to Year 2. It was from Albert the explorer! He told the children that he explores all over the world looking for historic artefacts and he believed some were left around Wimborne First School.

The children followed the map and various clues to find a sparkling box beneath leaves, which was full of amazing artefacts of Wimborne in the past.

The children had a fabulous morning exploring the school grounds and searching for clues. We look forward to writing a recount, telling everyone all about it in our Ready Steady Write books!


"It's been the best morning, I love hunting for treasure!" - Cody

"I loved trying to work out all the clues and finding the artefacts underneath the tree in the paddock" - Taylor

Our journey into Wimborne town!

A wonderful Sparkly Starter to our new topic 'Expert Explorer's'.  We set off with our maps at the ready and ventured into Wimborne town. 

"I liked seeing the river Allen and exploring Wimborne"- Keira

"I liked taking the photos using the I-pads and I found out lots about Wimborne" - Sophia.

We enjoyed looking at all the features of our town and answering our Wimborne quiz.

 We look forward to exploring Wimborne more in our topic lessons! 


Fabulous findings, perfect partitioning and endless rewards!  

What a wonderful start to the new term, the children have settled in so quickly and have begun working incredibly hard! We have become top mathematicians, partitioning two digit numbers in various ways and have started our new 'Maths no Problem' books. 


Things then got very exciting, as we had a crime scene to take care of. The children came into school to find that Rabbit class had a visitor who had left lots of clues. The children created some amazing writing, recounting their findings to tell Mrs Hartley. 

They have already received so many rewards for their class charter and sticker charts. Watch out Mrs Hartley, Rabbit and Owl class will be visiting the shop in no time! 

A new adventure starts in Year 2!

The children had a fantastic day settling into their new classrooms. There were lots of stories to share about our Summer holidays and it was lovely to see the new friendships that the children made. 

It has already been a wonderful start to Year 2 and we look forward to a fun-filled term. 


Carys: "I knew today would be a good day and I was right!"