Learning Journey


Poppy Art Workshop

Year 3 have had a busy and exciting start to the autumn term, kicking off their ‘Blackout' topic with an art workshop making poppies out of recycled materials.

The children had great fun using old milk bottles to create a template, which they cut out and coloured in to make their own petals. The children used bolts and washers to attach the stem and petals together making some fantastic poppies. Keep an eye out around the town centre for the display.

See if you can spot the Wimborne First poppies.


We are already well underway with our Samba learning. The children have been learning the names of each instrument and have had the opportunity to

play a range of different drums and bells.

Squirrels and Otters were extremely proud of themselves during our Samba games as both classes managed to

beat Mr Whitmarsh!

Blackout Topic


Our ‘Blackout’ topic has captured the children’s imagination and encouraged them to think about what life would have been like in 1939-1945.

They have enjoyed learning about evacuation through our story ‘The lion and the unicorn’.

Year 3 loved studying a London scene during WW2 and sketching a skyline, which they will be turning into a silhouette of the Blitz.

The children were able to share their knowledge and discuss important events throughout our lesson when they were able to build a timeline of what happened during the war.