Learning Journey


Attendance award!

Year 3 won the attendance award for the Autumn 2.

For their reward they chose to have an afternoon of football on the paddock. 

Danny (our lunchtime football coach) played fun games with the children then ran a mini-tournament. At half time they enjoyed some refreshing oranges and squash. 


Year 3 Christmas Carol Concert


We hope you are all feeling festive after last nights amazing performance by Year 3. 

We are so proud of each and every one of them.

They have worked incredibly hard to learn all of their lines, poems, jokes, actions and most importantly the lyrics to 10 songs -

which they performed only with the backing track!

The children were so well behaved and it was a pleasure to take them to the Methodist Church for their Carol Concert. 

Brass Concert


WOW! I'm sure you will agree, the children performed brilliantly in their brass concert. When we first heard the noises coming from their instruments, we wondered how Mr Randell would ever create a final performance! However, he was fantastic and the children pulled out all the stops and put on an amazing show!

They were so enthusiastic to learn their new musical instruments. 

Thank you for all your support at home.


Blackout fab finish!


On Tuesday morning, the children in breakfast club were startled by the loud noise they could hear outside. They all went running out to discover an original World War II vehicle on the playground! Year 3 had a visit from Jamie Wells (from War and Peace Revival) who bought an original German vehicle, a Kübelwagen, into school for the children to experience.


Throughout the morning, we went outside in small groups so Jamie and Miss Glock could teach us all about the vehicle. The vehicle was abandoned in Austria at the end of WWII and was found by a farmer who then used the vehicle as his everyday car for the next 30 years. We found out lots of facts about the vehicle…ask us these questions:

1) Why did the brake lights have a piece of metal which could flap down over the lights?

2) Why doesn’t the Kübelwagen have seatbelts?

3) Who would have driven the vehicle in World War II?

4) Why does the vehicle have a shovel on the front?

5) They come in all different colours, why was this one in a dark, sandy colour?


We loved trying to spot different things on the Kübelwagen, like where the petrol goes and what make of car it. Everyone was so excited to have a turn sitting inside and Jamie even started the engine so we could hear how loud it went.

We also did some of our own research about World War II vehicles, we were using computers, books and photographs to create fact files. In the afternoon, we designed and began building our own World War II vehicle. We can’t wait to show you what they looked like.

The children and teachers all had a brilliant time and learnt lots of new facts.


Tank Museum


We had the most amazing time at the Tank Museum learning all about World War II!

When we arrived we were taken to three different activities.


Activity 1: We were taken into a room where there were objects on the tables, each hidden. The museum volunteer revealed the objects one at a time. Some of them were uniforms that people would have worn in the war. These included the air raid warden, land army and home guard clothing- we had a great time trying them on! We also wore the gas masks and had a go at sounding the air raid siren. It was very loud! One of our favourite parts was when we all dressed up as soldiers and learnt how to march and salute! 


Activity 2: We've been wondering what a World War II house would have looked like and were really excited to go inside one! 

We learnt about rationing, evacuation and even had a look at the type of toilet paper they would have used! 

On the table were two suitcases that evacuees had packed, from looking at the items inside we were able to find out lots of information about the children! We found it strange that they had underwear made of wool!!! 


Activity 3: Luckily we had some time to explore the fabulous museum. Tom (who works there) showed us lots of interesting tanks and answered any questions we had. There were even a couple of tanks we were allowed to go inside. 

We enjoyed going through the 'trenches', it's a little bit scary but we got a good feel for what it might have been like for soldiers during the war. 


Have a look at some photographs from our trip.

Brass lessons

We are having such a fantastic time learning to play our brass instruments!

We are learning new notes every week and playing games to help us with our technique. 

Keep practicing at home Year 3!

Wonderful writing!

In Year 3 we have been writing instructions!

We have had a lovely time reading the book 'How to wash a woolly mammoth!' and have used this to learn the features of instructions. 

We learnt the text by heart with actions and drew pictures to help us remember the structure of the sentences.

To ensure we were using imperative verbs in our writing we washed dinosaurs and said aloud what we were doing. For example, quickly scrub the dinosaur using the brush.

We then wrote our own instructions. Some of us wrote instructions for 'How to wash a woolly rhino' and some of us did them for 'How to wash a saber tooth tiger'. 



What a fantastic start to the year!

We have loved getting to know each other over the past couple of weeks and the children have settled in well to Key Stage 2.

We have started our topic 'Brilliant Britain' by learning the story 'Stone Age Boy'. The children have seen an extract from Om's diary and are looking forward to writing their own diary entry from the Stone Age Boy's perspective. 

The summer home learning was a huge success and the children did a great job of speaking aloud to present their models to the class.