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Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health educatioN 2020


The Department for Education introduced compulsory Relationships Education for primary children from September 2020. It also became compulsory for all schools to teach Health Education. The purpose of these subjects is to support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe –  to equip them for adult life and to help support children to make a positive contribution to society.

Click the following link to read the Department for Education document 



Please find below:

  • A powerpoint presentation for parents (also saved as a PDF) which gives an overview of RSHE and the rationale behind the curriculum changes
  • DfE guidance that outlines statutory requirements.
  • A guide for Parents and Carers about Relationships and Sex Education in Jigsaw


Relationships Education and Health Education update for parents.pptx 

Relationships Education and Health Education update for parents.pdf

A guide for parents - Relationships and Health Education.pdf 

RSHE-A-Guide-for-Parents-and-Carers-leaflet-2020 (2).pdf

PSHE Overview


What is Jigsaw?   

Jigsaw is a scheme of work followed in our school. The scheme supports children's Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE), emotional literacy and spiritual development in a progressive, interactive way.

There are six half-term units called Puzzles:

1.Being me in the world

2.Celebrating difference

3.Goals and dreams

4.Healthy me

5.My relationships

6.The changing me


Each Puzzle has six lesson plans called Pieces, and the learning in each piece builds towards an end product for example, an exhibition, presentation, performance. Each class has a Jigsaw toy to support circle times and getting together. The programme places a huge emphasis on the development of Mindfulness to be aware of their thoughts and feelings in the present moment, equipping children with the tools to act on these thoughts and feelings appropriately and confidently.


Jigsaw at Wimborne First School

At Wimborne First School, we place PSHE in the heart of our school. We feel jigsaw plays an important part in our children's learning and development through supporting our schools behavior policy. As a school, we are passionate about promoting Jigsaw and its importance to the ethos of our school.  


Parent comment: 

"Our daughter has been so lucky to have benefitted from the Jigsaw scheme from Year R to Year 4. The topics covered are always relevant and appropriate for her age, and easy to understand. The scheme naturally supports and backs up our family discussions to ensure our children are safe, confident and knew when and how to ask for support. Thank you Wimborne First School you have really helped!"



 A Jigsaw assembly takes place every Monday, led by our Jigsaw leader. The assembly focuses on the Puzzle Piece that the children are currently on.  


Carnival Craze

 Inspired by our Jigsaw learning, the theme of carnival spread through Wimborne First School  as we  ‘Celebrated Difference’. Each year group was given a country that celebrated carnival in a spectacular and diverse way. The children researched their chosen country by completing a number of activities including arts and crafts, music and dance. The children were then joined by their very own performer: Year 4 explored the arts of drumming; Year 3 made noise with sambu; Year 2 moved with dance; Year 1 picked up the tempo with zumba and Reception got festive with mapypole dancing. he carnival, was just an example of the impact in which the Jigsaw scheme has for us. The children learnt the concept of diversity, acceptance and respect. We then came together as a school to share our own individual and unique differences. The children had an inspirational week, filled with creativity and reflection! 


Jigsaw Junction 

It’s a very exciting time for us all at Wimborne First School, as Jigsaw grows and as more children are experiencing the benefits of being in a Jigsaw school we are delighted to become a Jigsaw Junction School! Being a Jigsaw Junction School allows  us to act as a support centre for other local schools and teachers using Jigsaw, and also play a role in recruiting more schools to the Jigsaw Community.


Curriculum overview Jigsaw 




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