Maths at Wimborne First School


At Wimborne First School we want our children to be confident mathematicians, who experience the full richness of an exciting and varied maths curriculum. The children learn in a fun and practical way which ensures they have a concrete understanding of concepts before moving on. Our approach to teaching maths enables children to work collaboratively, communicate their ideas clearly and problem solve effectively. 


We use the National Curriculum as well as Singapore Maths to support our teaching and learning. These aims and objectives are taught across the school in daily maths lessons. Children work in mixed ability classes. Lessons are scaffolded to support struggling learners and rich, sophisticated problems are set to challenge advanced learners.


We believe that where possible, lesson objectives should be taught in a real life, practical context. Maths should be engaging and resources are available in all the classes for children to support children to visualise their learning. 


Times table challenge


The times table challenge gives our children the chance to enjoy learning their times tables. Our children are encouraged to learn their times tables at home to earn a collection of times table badges which can be displayed on their school bag! The children are invited to see the 'Maths Wizard' once a week, who will quiz them on their rapid recall of the times table they are working towards. 



Singapore Maths


'Singapore Maths- Maths No Problem' is used to support teaching and learning at Wimborne First School. For more information about 'Singapore Maths- Maths No Problem', please find attached the PowerPoint presentation which is shared at the Singapore Maths parent talk. 


Singapore Maths Parents Presentation 


For information about Singapore Maths: Maths- No Problem please find attached the information leaflet below.


Singapore Maths Information Leaflet



For more information about Singapore Maths: Maths- No Problem please follow the link below to view parent videos. Here you will find Dr Yeap taking about the program and examples of how different approaches are taught in the classroom. 


Parent Videos