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Religious Education

RE at Wimborne First School 

Discovery RE brings together learning about and from religion, questioning and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning. Teaching strategies are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and for differentiation. Each enquiry starts from the children’s own life experiences using these as a bridge into the investigation of the religion being studied. Learning is assessed and children have the opportunity to express their own thoughts and beliefs and emphasise with believers of that religion. RE is taught either in weekly 1 hour sessions or block taught each term. The Year leader makes the decision of when RE is taught in relation to cross curricular opportunities.


Discovery RE content

The scheme covers all areas of the RE for the primary phase, Christianity plus one other religion in each group forms the pattern. 


External contributors (collective worship) 

RE gives particular opportunities to promote an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and build understanding of other cultures and beliefs. This contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive school ethos that champions democratic values and human rights. RE is an important subject in contribution to the school’s development as a Rights Respecting School. External contributors from the community make a valuable contribution to the RE programme as do visits to places of worship. Their impact has been carefully planned and monitored to fit into and complement the programme.


Subject to the parental right of withdrawal or any other special arrangement:

“Each pupil in attendance at a community, foundation or voluntary school shall on each school day take part in an act of collective worship” School Standards and Framework Act 1998.



  • Monday- Jigsaw
  • Tuesday- Singing (songs and hymns)
  • Wednesday- In class singing and philosophy for learning activities
  • Thursday- Celebration
  • Friday- Open the Book: Bible Society


The Learning Environment

Establishing a safe, open and positive environment based on trusting relationships between all members of the class, adults and children alike, is vital. To enable this, it is important that respect for each other’s’ views and beliefs and those of the believers of that religion is encouraged at all times and that any artefacts are handled with respect and care.


Withdrawal from RE lessons 

Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the Religious Education. Those parents/carers wishing to exercise this right are invited in to see the Head Teacher and/ or RE leader. Who will explore any concerns and discuss any impact that withdrawal may have on the child. The school will ensure that parents who want to withdraw their children from RE are aware of the RE syllabus and that it is relevant to all pupils, and respects their own personal beliefs. Parents will be made aware of the learning objectives and what is covered in the RE curriculum and should be given the opportunity to discuss this, if they wish.The school will also wish to review such a request each year, in discussion with parents.The use of the right to withdraw should be at the instigation of parent’s and it should be made clear whether it is from the whole of the subject or specific parts of it. No reasons need to be given. Where parents have requested that their child is withdrawn, their right must be respected, and where RE is integrated in the curriculum, the school will need to discuss the arrangements with the parents or carers to explore how the child’s withdrawal can be best accommodated. Once a child has been withdrawn they cannot take part in the RE programme until the request for withdrawal has been removed. As a school it is our duty to inform our Local Standing Advisory Council on RE regarding the numbers of children being withdrawn.




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