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Anti-Bullying Strategy




At Wimborne First School we are committed to providing a warm, caring and safe environment for all our children so that they can learn and play in a relaxed and secure environment. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in school. We take all incidents of bullying seriously. Dealing with, and ways to stamp out bullying are considered by the whole school on an annual basis as part of the Jigsaw PSHE curriculum. This takes place in the Autumn Term and national anti-bullying week is incorporated into this work. Children are taught not to stand by if they think bullying is happening but always to tell a member of staff. A ‘worry box’ system is used with the older children to help make reporting bullying easier.

What is Bullying?       

Bullying is a deliberate, persistent action by an individual or group which hurts other people either physically or emotionally.

Bullying can take different forms: Physical Emotional Attacking e.g. hitting, spitting, name calling, biting, stealing, criticising, damaging belongings, taunting, hiding belongings, blackmailing etc. 

Children are taught to recognise when bullying is occurring and also to consider what is not bullying. The occasional falling out with friends, disagreements etc can be the cause of some name calling or unkind actions. Developing skills to deal with this part of life is addressed through the ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE scheme and through talking things through with children when it happens. Bullying is something done repeatedly and on purpose to intimidate, belittle, isolate or otherwise hurt the intended victim.

Racism In line with our Racial Equality policy no form of racism is tolerated. Any racist incident will be dealt with and reported to Dorset County Council.

Vulnerable children Everyone in school is aware that some children with learning difficulties or other disabilities, or in difficult social circumstances may be especially vulnerable to bullying and we are particularly vigilant in these circumstances.

Wimborne First School's Approach to Tackling Bullying     
The school takes all allegations and incidents of bullying seriously and will respond calmly and consistently to ascertain the facts. School will help and support any children who have been bullied and will work with the bully to help them change their behaviour. School will involve all parents concerned, being sensitive to the nature of all issues involved.

Wimborne First School recognises the following strategy as being effective in dealing with bullying: 

  • Talk with the child - When the teacher finds out that bullying has occurred they begin by talking to the child about their feelings. They do not question them about specific details, but need to know who was involved. 
  • Meet with the people involved  - The teacher arranges to meet with the group of children who have been involved. This will include some children who were present, but did not participate in the bullying. A group of six to eight seems to work best. 
  • Explain the problem  - They are told about the way the child is feeling now. At no time does the teacher discuss details or specific incidents. It is important not to allocate blame to the individuals or the group. 
  • Share Responsibility - The teacher does not apportion blame but states they know that the group can do something about it, something to help. 
  • Ask the group for their ideas - Each member of the group is encouraged to suggest a way in which the bullied child could be helped to feel happier. The teacher gives some positive responses but does not go on to extract a promise of improved behaviour. 
  • Leave it up to them - The teacher concludes the meeting by passing responsibility to the group to solve the problem. They arrange to meet with them again a week later to see how things are going. 
  • Meet them again - About a week later the teacher discusses with each child, including the bullied how things have been going. This allows the teacher to monitor the bullying and keeps the children involved in the process.

As a school, we take bullying and its impact seriously. Pupils and parents should be assured that known incidents of bullying will be responded to and it will not be tolerated at Wimborne First School. Bullying will not be tolerated.

The ethos of our school fosters high expectations of outstanding behaviour and we will consistently challenge any behaviour that falls below this.



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