Geography Intent Statement:

“Geography is a living breathing subject constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. For me, Geography is a great adventure with a purpose.” - Michael Palin.


At Wimborne First School and Nursery, we have designed our Geography curriculum with the intent that it will inspire a lifelong curiosity and fascination about our world and our role in sustaining it. Our Geography curriculum offers a clear progression of learning that begins by building knowledge of our immediate locality and builds through the year groups to knowledge on a global scale. At each stage of the progression there is comparison and contrast with our local area in order to deepen understanding as the children progress. Our curriculum will reinforce the key learning behaviours of our Wimborne Learning Rangers and will inspire the children to become resilient, explorative, critical thinkers that have the confidence and knowledge to become a force of positive change in both our local community and the wider world. This will happen through the delivery of thought-provoking lessons that are interactive and take place inside and outside of the classroom, as well as discrete opportunities for the children to have geographical concepts weaved in to their daily lives in order to fully understand the interconnected world we live in.


Geography in KS1 is taught in blocks throughout the year. This is to enable the children to achieve depth in their learning and build a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of key concepts such as mapping, location and enquiry which are built on further in each year group. In KS2, Geography is taught every other week which provides regular opportunities to revisit prior knowledge and build on their geographical skills.

The progression of the curriculum ensures that children gain both substantive and disciplinary knowledge and that there is a progression of skills that build clearly through each year group. We have identified ‘key concepts’ that draw on links with other subjects across the curriculum to help children make links between content.

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