Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Class Structure 2022-23

Miss Marples

Teacher & Year Leader

Miss Osmond


Year 3 and Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Main

Mrs Palmer


Mrs Steele


Curriculum Map Year 3

Autumn 1

History: We will start the year by diving into the world of prehistoric Britain with a look into life in Stone Age times. The children will learn about the three different periods of the Stone Age and how things were different in each period. We will compare things like hunting, homes and tools.

Geography: Our first unit in Geography is Spectacular Spain. This is where the children study another European country and make comparisons between a place in Europe and the UK. We will look at human and physical features such as buildings, roads, coastlines and mountains.

Science: Our first Science unit is ‘Rocks and Fossils’ where the children learn all there is to know about different types of rocks and how fossils are formed. As well as a study of soil, we will also explore the life of Mary Anning and look at how she changed the world. We are also going to do some fossil hunting of our own!

Art: During our art lessons we will be experimenting with different painting and printing techniques. We will be mixing colours, using colour to create mood and also studying the famous Pablo Picasso. In our printing lessons we will design and make our own printing blocks and experiment with two colour printing.

Design Technology: Our first unit of DT is textiles where we will be working on our sewing skills. We will be designing and making a new product and will learn how to use a running stitch. We will also learn how to add things like buttons and beads to decorate our designs.

Music: In our music lessons we will be learning all about rhythm and pulse. The children will learn the difference between the two and practise keeping to the pulse in a range of different pieces of music. We will also learn how to listen and share thoughts on different songs that we hear in order to build up our knowledge of different styles of music.

Computing: We will begin the year, learning about the importance of internet safety, understanding the important rules we must follow to stay safe online and understanding what we mean by personal information.


For further information about each subject, please see the knowledge organisers on the Curriculum pages

Home Learning 
We link the home learning sent home with the work the children have been doing in school.  Home learning will be sent out on a Friday and we ask for it to be back in school by the Wednesday. If home learning is not in on a Wednesday, it will unfortunately not be marked. We encourage the children to complete their home learning every week, alongside reading their 'learn to read book' three times a week.