Mr Best

Category of Governor: Support Staff
Year Appointed: 2019
Professional Background: After leaving Poole Grammar School, I worked in Sales and marketing for over 20 years. However, after turning 40, I decided that I was travelling too much, wanted to spend more time with my family and needed a change of direction. I set up my own gardening business which ran successfully for 4 years. Then an opportunity came up to become Site Manager in a Poole school, so I sold the business and started on a new career path. Staying there for 9 years, and learning the ropes as it were, I then moved to Yarrells School in Upton, before eventually ending up at Wimborne First School.
Motivation for Becoming a Governor: Our new school has given us an amazing opportunity to develop a curriculum which will create incredible young people, and adults of the future. We have to ensure that the opportunities given to us by being privileged enough to have a new school are not missed. Every child should be able to reach their maximum potential, and we as a school have to meet their expectations to allow them to do this.
Describe WFS in 5 Words: Community, partnership, all round education