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School Day



8.30am - School Gates Open   

The Site Manager opens the gates at 8.30am to welcome all the parents and children into the school grounds.  You will always see him with a

smile on his face come rain or shine.



8.50am - Registration 

All children start the day with a class registration.  This is the chance to share any exciting news from the night before.  This is an important part 

of the day as the children have a sense of belonging with their fellow class friends.



9.00am - Lessons Begin     

In the morning the teachers focus on the basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics.  The children are taught in mixed ability classes 

for the majority of their lessons but some are set according to ability, if required.


 10.00am - Lower School Playtime   

This is an opportunity for the youngest children to enjoy play together.  We have themed our playground according to the Jigsaw PSHE scheme  

and the School Council helped us create fun and exciting zones.  It could be the active zone such a physical games or a more quiet zone such as 

reading a book with a friend.


 10.40am - Upper School Playtime  

The older children have the same access to the playground as the younger children.  They have more responsibility and take on the roles of  

Play Buddies or Fab Friends. They are there to support each other and build up skills for future life.



12pm - Lunch


1pm - Lessons Continue

In the afternoon the teachers bring the curriculum alive.  The teachers start the topic with a sparkly starter and end with a fabulous finish. 

It could be a trip to the zoo, an aeroplane arriving at WFS or the space planetarium.  We bring awe and wonder to the curriculum and make

sure that the children develop a love of learning.


 3.15pm - End of the School Day  

The Site Manager is on hand to wish you a goodbye and make sure the school is safe for your return the next day.




Assembly is a time for the school to meet together as a whole.  We have a celebration assembly where we recognise children's individual rewards, 

themed assemblies and a singing assembly throughout the week.



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Campanula Way, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4FW


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