Spring 2019

Our topic for the first half term was:

'One Small Step' 

During the topic we explored the big question:

'Why were Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus brave people?'

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WOW, we certainly have learnt lots about people who have made significant changes in history.

To kick start our new topic 'One small step', the children arrived at school to be greeted with the night sky and instructions to head straight into Rabbits class. The classroom was filled with dazzling laser light stars and we watched the footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. The children were fascinated with the old fashioned footage and we enjoyed talking about the Apollo 11 space mission. We then became space engineers and designed our very own moon landing module for a very precious egg-spaceman. It was the moment of truth, Rabbits and Owls presented their moon landing modules to the rest of the class. As a year group we investigated which modules were the strongest and why. We dropped them from a height and watched them fall. We then opened them up to see if our spacemen had survived the journey. We are pleased to report that many of them did!

After a few weeks into the term, Year 2 were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Portsmouth dockyard where they took a step back in time to discover the different explorers of that period. The children took part in an exciting workshop where they had the opportunity to create a name for their ship and crew. They thought about the different places they might visit on their sail across the seas and what items they would bring back for the Queen. 

We also ventured aboard the HMS Victory to get a feel for the living conditions that sailors would have experienced during Christopher Columbus’ voyage.

It certainly was a day to remember!


Throughout the rest of the topic, we have worked really hard to find out lots about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and their significance throughout history. We researched many facts using a range of media and made our very own fact files! We also used papier Mache to create the surface of the moon, being careful to make craters. We found out that the Earth orbits the sun, and the moon moves around the Earth and created models to show this. To celebrate the end of our topic, we were lucky enough to have a special visit from Philip Beale from ‘Phoenicians Before Columbus’ who talked to Year 2 all about his upcoming expedition of which the children were very inspired!

Year 2 have certainly had a busy half term filled with fantastic learning.


Click the following link to see the Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map - one small step Spring term.pdf

Click the following link to see the Home Learning Planner - Wimborne First Home Learning Planner - Spring Term 1.pdf 



Our topic for the first half term is:

'On Safari to the New School!'

During the topic we will explore the big question:

'What differences are there between our new school and schools in South Africa?'

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Hard hats, safety jackets and steel-toed boots at the ready, as we compare our new school to schools in South Africa. 

To start our new topic, all classes will come to school dressed in an outfit of their choice linked to the building trade. We will then have visitors in assembly from 'Galliford Try' to talk about our new school and all the exciting new things we will be getting... if we're lucky enough, we might even get to try on some of the safety equipment and explore the materials they are using on our new school site!   

We will then take on the school building challenge linked to STEM, as we create our very own freestanding structure with newspaper dowels. We will look at the strength of our product and how we can improve it. We will also look at the similarities and differences of South African schools and our new school. We may even be able to get in touch with a South African school or send a postcard!


As we delve deeper into our topic, the classrooms will be filled with bright colours and loud noises as we venture into the wider life of Africa.

African drumming will be carried through the corridors of Wimborne First School. The children will learn all about life in South Africa and even taste a range of South African foods. They will immerse themselves in the local life through watching a local dance, listening to traditional stories and playing the drums.

We will then look at a range of South African animals and make our very own shilloute pictures. We will look closely at the colours used and select a range of pastels to create the South African sunset. To carry on our creative flair, the children will then use clay to design and make their very own African mud house.


Amongst all of the creativity, we will be running a competition to create a design that will be used on the windows at the
entrance to our new school. The theme is a scene from Wimborne that must
include the minster and the river Allen.


Builders, designers and artists at the ready.. for a jam packed half term!


Click the following link to see the Curriculum Map - Curriculum Map – on safari.pdf

Click the following link to see the Home Learning Planner - Wimborne First Home Learning Planner - Spring Term 2.pdf