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Autumn 1 - 2020  


Autumn 1

Marvellous Me! 



Year 4, welcome back! Now that Autumn term has arrived, it's time to celebrate being MARVELLOUS! 

This half term, Wimborne First school are celebrating how marvellous we all are. As we welcome you all into your new class and our brand new school, it's time to look at how we are all UNIQUE!

To start our topic, we will look at personal, social, health and emotional aspects of learning. We will look at what makes us similar and what makes us different to our peers. We will consider our role within the school community. We will look at celebrating our achievements and those of others and think about how it makes us feel. 

Along with this, the children will become scientists, conducting a range of different investigations. We will get creative by using a range of media within our Creative Arts lessons to complete a project all about how Marvellous we are.

Miss Allen and Mr Bissagar are very excited to be teaching you in our brand new school!





Please click on the link for the Curriculum Map: Curriculum Map Year 4 Autumn 1


Please click on the link for the Home Learning Planner: Year 4 Home learning planner Autumn 1 2020


Autumn 2 - 2020

Autumn 2

'We're Going Crackers'


During the topic we will explore the big question:

'How is Christmas celebrated around the world?'


This half term, we will be 'Going Crackers' as we explore travelling around the world in 80 days and learn about how Christmas is celebrated. As we learn about Christmas around the world, our focus will be on Christianity and we will be discovering the importance of the nativity story compared to modern day Christians.  Our particular focus for this half term is Geography, we will consider the similarities and differences of human and physical Geography between countries in the UK, Europe, North America and South America. 


During our Science lessons, we will be learning about electricity. The children will learn how to construct simple electrical circuits, identifying the basic parts and investigating if different circuit layouts will light a bulb. We will explore the purpose of a switch in a circuit and will ask relevant questions to reason and make predictions through scientific enquiry. We will also consider electrical safety and identify common conductors and insulators. 






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