School Improvement Plan


The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a strategic plan for improvement. It should bring together, in a clear and simple way, the school priorities, the main measures it will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the key outcomes and targets it intends to achieve.

At Wimborne First School and Nursery, we work collaboratively with senior leaders, governors, teachers and children to determine what our key priorities are for the coming academic year.  We follow a clear process to determine what areas of the school need to be further developed, as well as identifying areas of strength within the school.  By consulting all the key stakeholders within the school, the document is one that we all identify with and acts as a common goal that we are all striving to achieve.

The School Improvement Plan is not a fixed document, rather it is one that is flexible and adapts based on the needs of the school.  The SIP is reviewed by senior leaders on a regular basis and updates are provided to staff and Governors to ensure that we are all aware of any outstanding actions.


Please use this link to view the Wimborne First School and Nursery School Improvement Plan